[Cysts and fistulas of the first branchial cleft with parotid symptomatology].


On the basis of two cases, one a fistula and the other a cyst of the first brachial cleft with chiefly parotid manifestations, a review of the embryology is given which explains the anatomical features. The elements in their clinical diagnosis, complemented by fistulography and sialography are compared with operative findings, the essential steps in which are as follows: 1) Identification of the facial nerve which by necessity overlies the lesions. 2) Partial resection of the superficial lobe of the parotid. 3) The essential resection of the external auditory meatus, the keystone of radical cure of these cysts and fistulae.

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@article{Rouchon1977CystsAF, title={[Cysts and fistulas of the first branchial cleft with parotid symptomatology].}, author={C. Rouchon and Anna-Maria A. De Costa and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}rique Henry and Gerhard Neu}, journal={Revue de stomatologie et de chirurgie maxillo-faciale}, year={1977}, volume={78 1}, pages={25-34} }