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Cystone in Urinary Tract Complaints during Pregnancy

  title={Cystone in Urinary Tract Complaints during Pregnancy},
  author={S. Sengupta},
In the present study Cystone proved very promising in 100 cases of urinary tract infection seen during 14 weeks to full term of pregnancy. Certain drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy. In such cases instead of giving antibiotics or other drugs, we recommend the use of Cystone tablets without hesitation. Cystone is safe, has no toxic or side-effects and is well tolerated by all the patients. As judged from the time taken for the patients to be complaint-free and also organism-free, Cystone… 

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Efficacy of cystone versus tamsulosin in treatment of stent-related lower urinary tract symptoms

Both tamsulosin and cystone are efficient drugs which would relieve stent-related lower urinary tract symptoms and the administration of cystone with or without tamsULosin for 4 weeks may have the best result in reducing the visual analogue score and international prostate symptom score.

Evaluation of efficacy and safety of a herbal formulation Cystone in the management of urolithiasis: Meta-analysis of 50 clinical studies

The aim of the study is to carry out the meta-analysis of 50 clinical trials for identifying the efficacy and safety of Cystone in urolithiasis and to create evidence-based healthcare.

Prevalence of asymptomatic urinary tract infection due to escherichia coli among pregnant women attending ANC clinic at BRIMS teaching hospital

The study revealed the high prevalence of asymptomatic UTI among pregnant women due to E. coli in Bidar (43.33%) as compared to studies conducted in other parts Karnataka.

Urinary tract infections among pregnant women in Mosul city

UTI is still a major health problem among pregnant women especially during their third trimester, and health education with regular antenatal care share greatly in reducing the incidence of this infection.

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Urinary tract infection is still a major health problem among pregnant women especially during their 3 rd trimester and health education with regular antenatal visits share greatly in reducing this infection.

Non-surgical management therapies for kidney stones.

An update on the non-surgical treatments of stone disease is provided, focusing on what is known and what is new in kidney stone management.

Effect of DLH-6 (Cystone), a Herbomineral Formulation, on the Bioavailability of Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim in Rabbits

The results of the present study revealed that DLH-6 (Cystone) delayed the absorption, but significantly increased the bio-availability of sulfamethoxazole and hastened the absorption of trimethoprim without significant alteration in theBio-availability.

Protective effects of cystone, a polyherbal ayurvedic preparation, on cisplatin-induced renal toxicity in rats.

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The application of laparoscopy in abdominal trauma at Al-Jumhoori Teaching Hospital in Mosul

Laroscopy can be performed safely and effectively in hemodynamically stable patients with abdominal trauma and its most important advantages are reduction of the negative and non therapeutic laparotomy rate and shortening of hospitalization.

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Controlled Trial in 100 Cases with Nephro-Uretero-Lithiasis by Cystone - An Indigenous Drug and Other Advocated Methods

INTRODUCTION Frere Jacques, that famous lithotomist of middle ages, used to say, “I have removed the stone, but God will cure the patient” (Bailey and Love, 1976). With the advance of knowledge,

Urinary Mucoprotein Excretion in Stone Formers and the Effect of an Indigenous Formulation on its Excretion

Cystone, a formulation of indigenous medicines has been found to progressively reduce the mucoprotein excretion in thirty eight stone formers and three months therapy in seven patients significantly reduced it and brought down its excretion to almost within normal range.

The Preventive Action of Cystone in Oxamide Induced Urolithiasis and Histochemical- Changes in the Urinary Tract - An Experimental Study in Rats

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Idiopathic hyperoxaluria appears to be one of the most important etiological factors in the local stone formers, as significantly higher excretion of oxalate was observed in stone formers as compared

Effectiveness of Cystone (A Formulation of Indigenous Products) in Urinary Calculus Disease

In Asia, including India, the prevalence of stone formers is definitely much higher than in the U.S.A. or Europe, reflecting the enormity of the problem and hence the concern for this syndrome.

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