Cystometric findings in mice lacking muscarinic M2 or M3 receptors.

  title={Cystometric findings in mice lacking muscarinic M2 or M3 receptors.},
  author={Yasuhiko Igawa and Xiaoyan Zhang and Osamu Ishizaki Nishizawa and Masaomi Umeda and Atsuko Iwata and Makoto Mark Taketo and Toshiya Manabe and Minoru Matsui and K -E Andersson},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={172 6 Pt 1},
PURPOSE The physiological importance of muscarinic M3 and M2 receptors for bladder function was investigated in vivo using mice lacking M3 or M2 receptors and littermate WT controls. MATERIALS AND METHODS Unanesthetized mice of each sex underwent continuous cystometry before and after administration of atropine (1 mg/kg). RESULTS Male M3 knockout (KO) mice had longer voiding intervals, and larger micturition volumes and bladder capacity than M2 KO or WT males. There was no significant… CONTINUE READING


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