Cystic transformation of the rete testis.

  title={Cystic transformation of the rete testis.},
  author={Manuel Nistal and Andr{\'a}s M{\'a}t{\'e} and Ricardo Alfaro Paniagua},
  journal={The American journal of surgical pathology},
  volume={20 10},
In a review of the testicular and epididymal specimens obtained from autopsies (1,798 men) or surgery (518 men), cystic transformation of the rete testis (CTRT) was found in 20 autopsies and 18 surgical specimens. When both testes were studied (autopsies), the lesion was bilateral. Ultrasonography revealed a widened mediastinum testis showing small hypoechoic areas. Arteriography showed thin or irregularly outlined testicular arteries, and the epididymal artery was lacking or appeared stenosed… CONTINUE READING


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