Cystic mass of the floor of the mouth

  title={Cystic mass of the floor of the mouth},
  author={Aina Brunet Garc{\'i}a and Elizabeth Daniela Lucena Rivero and Laia Brunet Garc{\'i}a and Marta Faubel Serra},
Epidermoid and dermoid cysts in the oral cavity are relatively uncommon lesions of developmental origin. They often remain asymptomatic for years until they grow enough to interfere with speech, deglutition and less often with breathing which can pose a critical risk to the airway and require immediate surgery. A case of an epidermoid cyst of the floor of the mouth affecting a 37-year-old man is presented; this lesion was surgically enucleated with an intraoral approach. Patient did well… CONTINUE READING


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