Cystic fibrosis in Lebanon: distribution of CFTR mutations among Arab communities

  title={Cystic fibrosis in Lebanon: distribution of CFTR mutations among Arab communities},
  author={Marie Desgeorges and Andr{\'e} M{\'e}garban{\'e} and Caroline Guittard and Soukeyna Carles and Jacques Loiselet and Jacques Demaille and Mireille Claustres},
  journal={Human Genetics},
Cystic fibrosis (CF) is thought to be rare among the Arab populations from the Middle East and little data have been reported so far. We have studied a sample of 20 families living in Lebanon for several generations and who have at least one child with CF. These families are mainly from the Maronite, Greek Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Shiite or Sunnite groups. We found a 50% rate of consanguineous marriage, independent of the community of origin. The distribution of CF genotypes was determined… CONTINUE READING

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