Cystatin C: current position and future prospects.

  title={Cystatin C: current position and future prospects.},
  author={Sophie S{\'e}ronie-Vivien and Pierre Delanaye and Laurence Pi{\'e}roni and Christophe Mariat and Marc Froissart and Jean-Paul Cristol},
  journal={Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine},
  volume={46 12},
Cystatin C is a low-molecular-weight protein which has been proposed as a marker of renal function that could replace creatinine. Indeed, the concentration of cystatin C is mainly determined by glomerular filtration and is particularly of interest in clinical settings where the relationship between creatinine production and muscle mass impairs the clinical performance of creatinine. Since the last decade, numerous studies have evaluated its potential use in measuring renal function in various… CONTINUE READING


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