Cyproterone acetate: is it hepato- or genotoxic?

  title={Cyproterone acetate: is it hepato- or genotoxic?},
  author={Thomas Rabe and Knut Feldmann and L. Heinemann and Benno Runnebaum},
  journal={Drug safety},
  volume={14 1},
The preclinical safety assessment of cyproterone acetate (CPA) with regard to liver tumorigenesis was based on tumorigenicity studies, which revealed no mutagenic potential. Recently, in vitro studies on the formation of adducts and the enhancement of DNA repair synthesis with CPA have been published. These results are not unique to CPA, and the role of adducts and increased DNA synthesis in mutagenesis is still not clear. Dose-related hepatic toxicity has been reported with the prolonged use… CONTINUE READING


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