Cypriot Greek

  title={Cypriot Greek},
  author={Amalia Arvaniti},
  journal={Journal of the International Phonetic Association},
  pages={173 - 178}
  • A. Arvaniti
  • Published 1 December 1999
  • Linguistics
  • Journal of the International Phonetic Association
Cypriot Greek is the dialect of Modern Greek spoken on the island of Cyprus by approximately 650,000 people and also by the substantial immigrant communities of Cypriots in the UK, North America, Australia, South Africa and elsewhere. Due to lengthy isolation, Cypriot Greek is so distinct from Standard Greek as to be often unintelligible to speakers of the Standard. Greek Cypriot speakers, on the other hand, have considerably less difficulty understanding Greeks, since Standard Greek is the… 
Writing in a non-standard Greek variety: Romanized Cypriot Greek in online chat
Cypriot Greek, a variety of Greek spoken in the island of Cyprus, is relatively distinct from Standard Greek in all linguistic domains. The regional variety does not have a standard, official
Skewed Sociolinguistic Awareness of a Native Non-standard Dialect: Evidence from the Cypriot Greek Writing of Greek Cypriot Students
It is argued that Greek Cypriot students have a skewed sociolinguistic awareness of variation within their first dialect and a distorted impression of their own everyday language.
Trapezountian Pontic Greek in Etoloakarnania
The variety described here is Pontic Greek (ISO 639 name: pnt), and specifically the variety that originates from Trapezounta in Asia Minor (present-day Trabzon in Turkey) as spoken today in
Effects of Two Linguistically Proximal Varieties on the Spectral and Coarticulatory Properties of Fricatives: Evidence from Athenian Greek and Cypriot Greek
The findings showed that Athenian Greek and Cypriot Greek fricatives differ in all spectral properties across all places of articulation and provide a solid evidence base for the manifestation of dialectal information in the acoustic structure of fricative.
Speech patterns in Cypriot-Greek late talkers
The investigation longitudinally examined the phonetic skills of Cypriot-Greek children with late onset of expressive vocabulary. The rate of phonological development within short time increments and
Voiced stop prenasalization in two dialects of Greek.
The mixed-effects models suggest that there were complex and interactive influences of dialect, gender, prosodic position, and stress in realizing prenasality in the voiced stops in the Cretan and Thessalonikan dialects of Modern Greek.
Prosodic Shaping of Consonant Gemination in Cypriot Greek
An experimental investigation of durational variation inlexical and post-lexical geminate alveolar laterals, under different stress conditions, in Cypriot Greek finds word-initial geminates are longer when preceded by a word-final nasal, thus creating a kind of ‘supergeminate’ consonant and indicating that word- final nasals are not deleted, as has previously been thought to be the case.
Sonorant spectra and coarticulation distinguish speakers with different dialects


On the phonetics of geminates: evidence from Cypriot Greek
This paper examines the acoustic correlates of the geminate consonants of Cypriot Greek and finds that for the segments whose duration can be most easily prolonged the most robust and consistent cue to gemination is length.
Effects of Speaking Rate on the Timing of Single and Geminate Sonorants
Cypriot Greek single and geminate sonorants (/m, n, l, r/) at normal and fast speaking rate were compared to sonorants in Standard Greek, which has no length distinction. Cypriot singletons and
The Acoustic Characteristics of Geminate Consonants in Cypriot Greek
ΠEΡΙΛΗΨΗ Η παρούσα μeλέτη eξeτάζeι πeιραματικά ορισμένα ακουστικά χαρακτηριστικά των διπλών συμφώνων της κυπριακής και τα συγκρίνeι μe αυτά των αντίστοιχων μονών. Τα σύμφωνα eξeτάστηκαν σe πeριβάλλον
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