Cypriot Energy: Nationalism, Militarism and Masculinity on the Maritime Boundaries

  title={Cypriot Energy: Nationalism, Militarism and Masculinity on the Maritime Boundaries},
  author={Stratis Andreas Efthymiou},
  journal={Nationalism, Militarism and Masculinity in Post-Conflict Cyprus},
This chapter discusses how nationalism, militarism and masculinity in post-conflict societies can be re-adapted by shifting the focus to a new border or on to energy resources. Through the case of Cyprus, this is illustrated by the discovery of gas on the maritime boundaries in the Eastern Mediterranean. Nationalism can shift from victim to fighter, militarism from defensive to assertive, and masculinity from protective to a strategist ready to secure its interests in the region. Specifically… 


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to be disappointed by the pseudo-comparative contents. The book could have been improved by further developing and emphasising similarities and differences between the two cases. Notwithstanding the