Cynomolgus monkeys.

  title={Cynomolgus monkeys.},
  author={Dr. Paul Rosenberg},
  volume={248 4962},
In the report "Tick anticoagulant peptide (TAP) is a novel inhibitor of blood coagulation factor Xa" by L. Waxman et al. (4 May, p. 593), the second sentence of the caption of figure 2 was printed incorrectly. It should have read, "Determination of the Intrinsic K(i) was done by fitting the observed data (*) with nonlinear regression analysis to the ratio of inhibited velocity (v(i)) to uninhibited velocity (V(o)) described by the equation V(i)/V(o) = [E(t) - I(t) K(*)(i)] + [(I(t) + K(*)(i… CONTINUE READING

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