Cylindropuntia rosea (DC.) Backeb, (Cactaceae): a new generic alien record in the flora of Saudi Arabia

  title={Cylindropuntia rosea (DC.) Backeb, (Cactaceae): a new generic alien record in the flora of Saudi Arabia},
  author={Sami Asir Al-Robai and Saad Mohammed Howladar and Haidar Abdalgadir Mohamed and Abdelazim Ali Ahmed},
  journal={Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity},

Tropaeolaceae: A New Family Record for the Flora Of Saudi Arabia

The family Tropaeolaceae was reported for the first time in Saudi Arabia. The new record (Tropaeolum majus L.) from the Tropaeolaceae family was found in damp and exposed semi-shaded habitats between

Further Records of Cacti (Cactaceae) from Tarragona Province (Catalonia), Spain

Recent field work in the Spanish province of Tarragona yielded new records for several interesting cacti (Cactaceae) that are potentially or genuinely invasive species.



About the binomen Cylindropuntia rosea (Cactaceae) and its invasive individuals recorded in the Valencian Community (Spain).

Cylindropuntia rosea (DC.) Backeb., a name often used to designate the �Cardenche� invasive cactus in the Valencian Community (Spain) is a misapplied binomen in many botanical works. The plants

The biology of Australian weeds 53. Cylindropuntia rosea (DC.) Backeb. and Cylindropuntia tunicata (Lehm.) F.M. Knuth.

Until relatively recently the polymorphic genus Opuntia included many discordant groups with stems ranging from flattened pad-like segments to cylindrical or ovoid ones and variable flowers, fruit

Introduced and invasive cactus species: a global review

The invasive taxa represent an interesting subset of the total pool: they occur in two of the three major phylogenetic clades and in 13 of the 130 cactus genera, they possess five of the 12 cactus growth forms, and they tend to have larger native ranges.

Distribution and socio-ecological impacts of the invasive alien cactus Opuntia stricta in eastern Africa

Negative impacts of Opuntia stricta included reductions in native plant populations, rangeland condition, human health, and mobility of humans and animals, and management interventions are needed to reduce negative impacts.

Invasive Plant Species of the World: A reference guide to environmental weeds

Lifeform, synonyms and commercial use geographic distribution habitats invaded description of morphology ecology and control and the role of natural disasters in this invasion is described.

Impacts of agricultural policy on irrigation water demand: a case study of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's groundwater resources have been heavily over-exploited to achieve food self-sufficiency. The country enacted a new agricultural policy that discourages the cultivation of wheat and

Plant species first recognized as naturalized for New South Wales in 2002 and 2003, with additional comments on species recognized as naturalized in New South Wales in 2000–2001

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