Cylindrical dielectric resonator antenna for multiband communication systems

  title={Cylindrical dielectric resonator antenna for multiband communication systems},
  author={Kaoutar Allabouche and Mohammed Jorio and Najiba El Amrani El Idrissi and Tomader Mazri},
  journal={2014 5th Workshop on Codes, Cryptography and Communication Systems (WCCCS)},
This paper presents a Dielectric Resonator Antenna for multiband operations. The cylindrical shape is designed and fed through a microstrip feed line technique. The proposed design allows the antenna to operate at multiple frequencies in the range of 1.8-8 GHz. It is demonstrated through simulation that the Return Loss values occurred at 2.91 GHz, 4.39 GHz, 5.85 GHz and 7.3 GHz, respectively, having VSWR ≤ 2. It is also observed that the gain of proposed design is higher than the conventional… CONTINUE READING