Cydra 5 directed dataflow architecture

  title={Cydra 5 directed dataflow architecture},
  author={B. Ramakrishna Rau},
  journal={Digest of Papers. COMPCON Spring 88 Thirty-Third IEEE Computer Society International Conference},
A description is given of a balanced and functionality complete minisupercomputer called the Cydra 5 Departmental Supercomputer. The Cydra 5 makes extensive use of industry standards, such as AT&T Unix System V.3, ANSI Fortran 77, and the IEEE 754 floating-point standard, to take advantage of customers' investments in applications software. The open architecture of the Cydra 5, including the use of the VME bus, makes it an attractive platform for system integrators. It offers the following… CONTINUE READING


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