Cyclostationarity: Half a century of research

  title={Cyclostationarity: Half a century of research},
  author={William A. Gardner and Antonio Napolitano and Luigi Paura},
  journal={Signal Process.},

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Cyclostationarity: Limits and generalizations
Cyclostationarity: New trends and applications
A comparative example of cyclostationary description of a non-stationary random process
  • T. Shevgunov
  • Computer Science
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series
  • 2019
It is shown that two significantly different random processes appear to be characterized by exactly the same autocorrelation function while their two-dimensional autoc orrelation functions provide outlook where the difference between processes of two above-mentioned classes becomes much clearer.
On characterization and application of oscillatory almost-cyclostationary processes
  • A. Napolitano
  • Physics
    2017 25th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO)
  • 2017
The problem of statistical function measurements is addressed for the special case of amplitude-modulated time-warped almost-cyclostationary processes and these processes are shown to be a suitable model for the electrocardiogram.
This paper proposes to use EM algorithms to extend estimation for situation when some observations are missing to fill the gap in systematic research on cyclostationary time series modeling.
Generalized almost-cyclostationary processes and spectrally correlated processes: Two extensions of the class of the almost-cyclostationary processes
  • A. Napolitano
  • Mathematics
    2007 9th International Symposium on Signal Processing and Its Applications
  • 2007
In this paper, two recently introduced classes of nonstationary processes are reviewed: The class of the generalized almost-cyclostationary (GACS) processes and the class of the spectrally correlated
Covariance of Replicated Modulated Cyclical Time Series
The application of the inference methods developed for the modulated cyclostationary model to EEG data demonstrates that the proposed model captures statistically significant cross-frequency interactions, that ought to be further examined by neuroscientists.
Decomposing Statistical Periodicities
  • R. Arora, W. Sethares
  • Mathematics
    2007 IEEE/SP 14th Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing
  • 2007
Nonstationary random symbolic sequences are investigated for cyclostationarity and decomposition into constituent cyclostationary sources. Since the symbolic sources do not admit an algebraic
Algorithms for analysis of signals with time-warped cyclostationarity
Two philosophically different approaches to the analysis of signals with imperfect cyclostationarity or polycy-clostationarity of the autocorrelation function due to warping are presented. The first


Cyclostationarity in communications and signal processing
This book brings together the latest work in the field by the foremost experts and presents it in a tutorial fashion, instrumental in furthering progress in understanding and using cyclostationarity in all fields where it arises.
EOFs of One-Dimensional Cyclostationary Time Series: Computations, Examples, and Stochastic Modeling
Abstract Many climatic time series seem to be a mixture of unpredictable fluctuations and changes that occur at a known frequency, as in the case of the annual cycle. Such a time series is called a
Representation and Estimation of Cyclostationary Processes
Abstract : Random signal processes which have been subjected to some form of repetitive operation such a sampling, scanning or multiplexing will usually exhibit statistical properties which vary
On the spectral coherence of nonstationary processes
It is concluded that spectral correlation measurements on single time series are of highly questionable value for detection and characterization of nonstationarity, except in the special cases of cyclostationarity.
Linear time-variant transformations of generalized almost-cyclostationary signals.II. Development and applications
The usefulness of considering the linear filtering problem within the class of the GACS signals is clarified, and several pitfalls arising from continuing to adopt for the observed time-series the ACS model when an increase in the data-record length makes the GacS model more appropriate are pointed out.
Spectral representation of a periodic nonstationary random process
  • H. Ogura
  • Mathematics
    IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory
  • 1971
This paper deals with the periodic nonstationary process, the mean value and the correlation function of which are invariant under shift by a multiple of a certain period and are represented in terms of a matrix-valued spectral density that is hermitian and nonnegative definite.
Consistent estimation of the cyclic autocorrelation
The authors derive necessary and sufficient conditions for consistency in mean square of an estimator, which are in the form of a single sum of autocorrelation coefficients, in the forms of a double sum of Autocor correlation coefficients, and in the bifrequency domain and in terms of the average spectrum.
Statistical tests for presence of cyclostationarity
Asymptotically optimal /spl chi//sup 2/ tests are developed to detect the presence of cycles in the kth-order cyclic cumulants or polyspectra, without assuming any specific distribution on the data.