Cyclosporine bioavailability of two physically different oral formulations.

  title={Cyclosporine bioavailability of two physically different oral formulations.},
  author={Paraschiva Postolache and Olimpia Petrescu and V Dorneanu and Antonio Carlos Zanini},
  journal={European review for medical and pharmacological sciences},
  volume={6 6},
To assess the comparative bioavailability of two cyclosporine capsule products with different pharmaceutical formulation an open randomized two-period cross over study was conducted in 24 healthy volunteers. Our results, obtained from cyclosporine HPLC determination onto the whole blood samples collected, show that the test cyclosporine non-SMEDDS formulation was not bioequivalent cyclosporine SMEDDS formulation due to a statistically significantly lower absorption rate. The outcome does not… CONTINUE READING