Cyclopia: a radiological and anatomical craniofacial post mortem study.

  title={Cyclopia: a radiological and anatomical craniofacial post mortem study.},
  author={Claudio Cannistr and Patrick J Barbet and Pasquale Parisi and Giorgio Iannetti},
  journal={Journal of maxillofacial surgery},
  volume={29 3},
Cyclopia is a rare foetal malformation characterized by a single palpebral fissure and a proboscis associated with severe brain malformation. Approximately 1.05 in 100 000 births including stillbirths are identified as cyclopian. Cyclopia is not compatible with life. The authors present an anatomical and histological study of the fronto-orbito-maxillary region carried out after 3-D CT reconstruction in a 21 week-old foetus with cyclopia. Anatomical and histological observations suggest that the… CONTINUE READING

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