Cyclopia: A Rare Condition with Unusual Presentation – A Case Report

  title={Cyclopia: A Rare Condition with Unusual Presentation – A Case Report},
  author={Ghassan SA Salama and Mahmoud AF Kaabneh and Mohamed K Al-Raqad and Ibrahim MH Al-abdallah and Ayoub GA Shakkoury and Ruba AA Halaseh},
  booktitle={Clinical medicine insights. Pediatrics},
INTRODUCTION Cyclopia (alobar holoprosencephaly) (OMIM% 236100) is a rare and lethal complex human malformation, resulting from incomplete cleavage of prosencephalon into right and left hemispheres occurring between the 18th and the 28th day of gestation. Holoprosencephaly occurs in 1/16,000 live births, and 1/250 during embryogenesis. Approximately 1.05 in 100,000 births are identified as infants with cyclopia, including stillbirths. Cyclopia typically presents with a median single eye or a… CONTINUE READING