Cyclohydroamination of aminoalkenes catalyzed by disilazide alkaline-earth metal complexes: reactivity patterns and deactivation pathways.


The behavior of the first aminophenolate catalysts of the large alkaline earth metals (Ae) [(LO(i))AeN(SiMe(2)R)(2)(thf)(x)] (i=1-4; Ae=Ca, Sr, Ba; R=H, Me; x=0-2) for the cyclohydroamination of terminal aminoalkenes is discussed. The complexes [(BDI)AeN(SiMe(2)H)(2)(thf)(x)] (Ae=Ca, Sr, Ba, x=1-2; (BDI)H=H(2)C[C(Me)N-2,6-(iPr)(2)C(6)H(3)](2))) and [(BDI… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/chem.201203562


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