Cyclodextrin stabilised emulsions and cyclodextrinosomes.

  title={Cyclodextrin stabilised emulsions and cyclodextrinosomes.},
  author={Baghali G. Mathapa and Vesselin N Paunov},
  journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP},
  volume={15 41},
We report the preparation of o/w emulsions stabilised by microcrystals of cyclodextrin-oil inclusion complexes. The inclusion complexes are formed by threading cyclodextrins from the aqueous phase on n-tetradecane or silicone oil molecules from the emulsion drop surface which grow further into microrods and microplatelets depending on the type of cyclodextrin (CD) used. These microcrystals remain attached on the surface of the emulsion drops and form densely packed layers which resemble… CONTINUE READING
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