Cyclin H is targeted to the nucleus by C-terminal nuclear localization sequences

  title={Cyclin H is targeted to the nucleus by C-terminal nuclear localization sequences},
  author={Andrea Krempler and Sabine Kartarius and J{\"u}rgen G{\"u}nther and Mathias Montenarh},
  journal={Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences},
Cdk-activating kinase (CAK) is a trimeric complex consisting of cdk7, cyclin H, and MAT1, which activates the cell-cycle-regulating cdks through T loop phosphorylation. In addition, other substrates of the CAK complex have been identified when CAK is assembled with the TFIIH core proteins, thereby regulating transcription and nucleotide excision repair. Little is known about the regulation of the CAK complex through cyclin H. In this study we further analyzed cyclin H regulation and identified… CONTINUE READING
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