Cyclin E overexpression and amplification in human tumours.

  title={Cyclin E overexpression and amplification in human tumours.},
  author={Peter Schraml and Christoph Bucher and Heidi Bissig and Antonio Nocito and Philippe Haas and Kim A Wilber and Steven A. Seelig and Juha Kononen and Michael J{\"o}rg Mihatsch and Stefan Dirnhofer and Guido Sauter},
  journal={The Journal of pathology},
  volume={200 3},
Cyclin E amplification and overexpression have recently been described in several tumour types. However, many tumour entities have never been examined for cyclin E alterations. Numerous and time-consuming experiments were previously required to determine the significance of potential oncogenes across different tumour types. To overcome this problem, tissue microarrays (TMAs) consisting of 3670 primary tumours from 128 different tumour types, 709 metastases, and 354 normal tissues were generated… CONTINUE READING
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