Cyclin D1 and p21/waf1 are both involved in p53 growth suppression.

  title={Cyclin D1 and p21/waf1 are both involved in p53 growth suppression.},
  author={Giannino Del Sal and Maureen 3 Murphy and Elisabetta M Ruaro and Dejan Lazarevic and Arnold J. Levine and Claudio Schneider},
  volume={12 1},
Overexpression of the wild type p53 gene in normal and transformed cells induces G1 arrest of cellular proliferation. In cell lines carrying the valine 135 temperature-sensitive p53 mutant gene, restoration of wild type p53 protein conformation at the permissive temperature causes an increase in the levels of cyclin D1, as well as the cyclin/cdk inhibitor p21/waf1. Accumulation of cyclin D1 is the result both of (post)transcriptional and post-translational regulatory mechanisms. Ablation of… CONTINUE READING
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