Cyclic resolutions of the BIB design in PG(5, 2)

  title={Cyclic resolutions of the BIB design in PG(5, 2)},
  author={Takaaki Hishida and Masakazu Jimbo},
  journal={Australasian J. Combinatorics},
The BIB design in PG(n,2), which is the n-dimensional projective geometry over GF(2), has the following automorphisms: (i) an automorphism of order v = 2+ 1; (ii) an automorphism of order w = 2n 1. A BIB design with the first automorphism is called a cyclic BIB design, and one with the second is called a 2-rotational BIB design. In PG(n, 2), a BIB design… CONTINUE READING