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Cyclic forms on DG-Lie algebroids and semiregularity

  title={Cyclic forms on DG-Lie algebroids and semiregularity},
  author={E. Lepri},
Given a transitive DG-Lie algebroid (A, ρ) over a smooth separated scheme X of finite type over a field K of characteristic 0 we define a notion of connection ∇ : RΓ(X,Kerρ) → RΓ(X,Ω X [−1]⊗Kerρ) and construct an L∞ morphism between DG-Lie algebras f : RΓ(X,Kerρ) RΓ(X,Ω X [2]) associated to a connection and to a cyclic form on the DG-Lie algebroid. In this way, we obtain a lifting of the first component of the modified Buchweitz-Flenner semiregularity map in the algebraic context, which has an… Expand
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