Cyclic Obfuscation for Creating SAT-Unresolvable Circuits

  title={Cyclic Obfuscation for Creating SAT-Unresolvable Circuits},
  author={Kaveh Shamsi and Meng Li and Travis Meade and Zheng Zhao and David Z. Pan and Yier Jin},
  booktitle={ACM Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI},
Logic locking and IC camouflaging are proactive circuit obfuscation methods that if proven secure can thwart hardware attacks such as reverse engineering and IP theft. However, the security of both these schemes is called into question by recent SAT based attacks. While a number of methods have been proposed in literature that exponentially increase the running time of such attacks, they are vulnerable to "findand-remove" attacks, and only slightly hide the circuit functionality. In this paper… CONTINUE READING
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