Cyclic Irrigation Reduces Container Leachate Nitrate-nitrogen Concentration

  title={Cyclic Irrigation Reduces Container Leachate Nitrate-nitrogen Concentration},
  author={D. Fare and C. Gilliam and G. Keever and J. Olive},
Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the effects of cyclic irrigation on leachate NO3-N concentration, container leachate volume, total effluent volume, and growth of Ilex crenata Thunb. 'Compacta'. In Expt. 1, container leachate volume was reduced 34% when 13 mm of water was applied in three cycles compared to continuous irrigation of 13 mm per unit time. Forty-nine percent less container leachate volume was collected from a continuous application of 8 mm than from that of 13 mm water… Expand

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