Cyclic, low-dose total body irradiation for metastatic neuroblastoma.

  title={Cyclic, low-dose total body irradiation for metastatic neuroblastoma.},
  author={G J DAngio and Audrey E. Evans},
  journal={International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics},
  volume={9 12},
Total body irradiation (TBI) can be thought of as a systemic anticancer agent. It therefore might best be given like an adjuvant drug, i.e. in tolerable doses, cyclically. The therapeutic ration between normal bone marrow stem cells and suitably sensitive cancer cells should be widened by these means. Fourteen children with advanced (State IV) neuroblastomas were given 100-150 rad TBI in 50 rad daily fractions along with each three-week cycle of standard triple-agent chemotherapy, (vincristine… CONTINUE READING