Cyclamen (Primulaceae) in tropical Africa

  title={Cyclamen (Primulaceae) in tropical Africa},
  author={Mats Thulin and Ahmed Mumin Warfa},
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Cyclamen somalenseThulin & Warfa, spec. nova, the first member of the genus known from tropical Africa, is described from the Al Miskat Mts in NE. Somalia. The new species is closely related to the E. MediterraneanC. persicumMill. The disjunct Mediterranean element in the mountain flora of northern Somalia, to whichC. somalense belongs, is believed to be largely a relict of Tertiary origin. 
Cyclamen: time, sea and speciation biogeography using a temporally calibrated phylogeny
Geographical barriers, such as the varying levels of the Mediterranean Sea, are the most plausible explanation for speciation events throughout the phylogenetic history of Cyclamen, a group with most species endemic to the Mediterranean region.
Exploring Terra Incognita
The botanist Mats Thulin and his team encountered a tree previously unknown to science on limestone hills southeast of the town Kebri Dehar, and found that it dominates the vegetation over large areas in southeastern Ogaden.
A phyloclimatic study of Cyclamen
Reconstruction of ancestral niches can provide testable hypothesis about the historical development of lineages and demonstrates that major lineages could survive climate change even if many species are lost.
Interspecific hybrids of Cyclamen persicum and C. graecum
Interspecific crosses were made to introduce the disease resistance of Cyclamen graecum into C. persicum cultivars and the abortive hybrid embryos were rescued by ovule culture, and hybrids derived from CPD × CG and CPT × CG showed high pollen fertility and yielded viable seeds by self-pollination.
Interspecific hybridization by embryo rescue in the genus Cyclamen
Embryo rescue and in vitro chromosome doubling are simple and useful methods for overcoming hybrid inviability and hybrid sterility in interspecific hybridization in the genus Cyclamen.


New or noteworthy species of Leguminosae in NE tropical Africa
Thirty-seven taxa are reported from Somalia for the first time, including Ptycholobium biflorum, known previously only from Southern Africa, and Crotalaria pieropoda, knownPreviously only from Socotra, is reported from Somali and Oman.
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