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Cycads in the South 'Florida Landscape'.

  title={Cycads in the South 'Florida Landscape'.},
  author={Jody L. Haynes},
Cycads are underutilized in south Florida landscapes. This article outlines landscape practices involving cycads in south Florida, specifically relating to the Florida friendly' prin ciples of the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods program. Cycads are underutilized landscape plants in south Flori da, perhaps because they are not readily available in nurseries or home improvement centers, or because many are mistak enly referred to as palms. The primary objective of this article is to discuss cycad… 



The genus Cycas (Cycadaceae) in the Indian region, with notes on the application and typification of the name Cycas circinalis

Recent studies by the author have shown characters that have not been previously fully understood to be of critical diagnostic value, and have allowed clear delineation of C. circinalis and related species occurring in the Indian region.

Cycads of the World: Ancient Plants in Today's Landscape

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Uncommon cycads best suited for the Florida landscape

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