Cybermatics: A Holistic Field for Systematic Study of Cyber-Enabled New Worlds

  title={Cybermatics: A Holistic Field for Systematic Study of Cyber-Enabled New Worlds},
  author={Jianhua Ma and Huangsheng Ning and Runhe Huang and Hong Liu and Laurence Tianruo Yang and Jinjun Chen and Geyong Min},
  journal={IEEE Access},
Following the two trends of computerization and informatization, another emerging trend is cyberization in which numerous and various cyber entities in cyberspace will exist in cyber-enabled worlds, including the cyber world and cyber-conjugated physical, social, and mental worlds. Computer science and information science, as holistic fields, have, respectively, played important roles in computerization and informatization. Similarly, it is necessary for there to be a corresponding field for… CONTINUE READING
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