CyberSim: Geographic, temporal, and organizational dynamics of malware propagation


Cyber-infractions into a nation's strategic security envelope pose a constant and daunting challenge. We present the modular CyberSim tool which has been developed in response to the need to realistically simulate at a national level, software vulnerabilities and resulting malware propagation in online social networks. CyberSim suite (a) can generate realistic scale-free networks from a database of geo-coordinated computers to closely model social networks arising from personal and business email contacts and online communities; (b) maintains for each host a list of installed software, along with the latest published vulnerabilities; (c) allows to designate initial nodes where malware gets introduced; (d) simulates using distributed discrete event-driven technology, the spread of malware exploiting a specific vulnerability, with packet delay and user online behavior models; (e) provides a graphical visualization of spread of infection, its severity, businesses affected etc to the analyst. We present sample simulations on a national level network with millions of computers.

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