Cyber-apostasy: its repercussions on Islam and interfaith relations*

  title={Cyber-apostasy: its repercussions on Islam and interfaith relations*},
  author={Theodore Pulcini},
  journal={Journal of Contemporary Religion},
  pages={189 - 203}
  • T. Pulcini
  • Published 2017
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Contemporary Religion
Abstract In relations between Islam and the West, apostasy has been an issue of perennial contention. Although the Qur’ānic perspective on apostasy is ambiguous, the ḥadīths and later Islamic legal thought prescribe harsh sanctions against apostasy, making repudiation of Islam extremely difficult, if not impossible, in the Muslim world. Such a coercive approach contravenes the Western value of freedom of conscience and the correlative right to religious freedom. Moreover, the rise of a parallel… Expand


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