Cyber Forensic Tools: A Review

  title={Cyber Forensic Tools: A Review},
  author={Bandla Prasanthi},
  journal={international journal of engineering trends and technology},
  • B. Prasanthi
  • Published 25 November 2016
  • Computer Science
  • international journal of engineering trends and technology
Cyber attacks are fast moving and increasing in number and severity. When the attacks occur, the attacked enterprise responds with a collection of predetermined actions. Applying digital forensics helps in the recovery and investigation of material on digital media and networks is one of these actions. Cyber Forensic Investigation includes the Capture & Analysis of digital data either to prove or disprove whether the internet related theft has committed or not. Earlier Computer are used only… Expand
Digital Forensic Tools Used in Analyzing Cybercrime
There is an urgent need to develop electronic tools in forensic medicine to keep pace with this type of crime to search for criminals and collect evidence to be used against them before the court. Expand
Do Metadata-based Deleted-File-Recovery (DFR) Tools Meet NIST Guidelines?
A list of canonical test file system images is designed to evaluate a DFR tool, and a comparative analysis of these tools is compiled, which could help the user choose the right tool. Expand
Image Forensics Tool with Steganography Detection
The project is an Image Forensics Tool with Steganography Detection, which can aid in a digital forensics investigation where by the investigator is required to get metadata out of any Digital image. Expand
Malware Forensic Analytics Framework Using Big Data Platform
The design and implementation of the framework which focuses on analytics and visualization, and utilized the emerging technology of big data platform shows promising results in presenting descriptive analytics and predicting the future attacks using machine learning algorithms. Expand
Application of cortical learning algorithms to movement classification towards automated video forensics
  • A. Alshaikh
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research
  • 2019
A novel CLA-based movement classification algorithm has been proposed and devised to classify the movements of moving objects in realistic video surveillance scenarios, and the test results have been evaluated and compared against several state-of-the-art anomaly detection algorithms. Expand
The main challenge of any educational institution today is explosive growth of educational data and its usage in taking decisions in the improvement of quality decisions. Institutions follow theirExpand
Review Tools Web Browser Forensics untuk Mendukung Pencarian Bukti Digital
Penelitian ini menunjukkan pentingnya mengenali aktivitas penggunaan web browser dari sisi korban dan pelaku, yang dianalisis seperti akun, kata kunci pencarian, kunjungan web, dan lainnya. Expand


Digital Forensics Tools
Computer forensics is a scientific discipline dealing with acquiring, collecting, storing and presenting data that are electronically processed and stored on computer media. Although a relatively newExpand
A History of Digital Forensics
  • Mark Pollitt
  • Computer Science
  • IFIP Int. Conf. Digital Forensics
  • 2010
The early history of digital forensics from the perspective of an early participant is outlined, divided into four epochs: pre-history, infancy, childhood and adolescence. Expand
BSC: A Novel Scheme for Providing Security using Biometric Smart Card
A new mechanism to provide better security and services with Biometric Smart Card technology including hybrid biometric security, i.e., with the combination of security for fingerprint pattern and for the smart card is introduced. Expand
Security Enhancement of ATM System with Fingerprint and DNA Data
As the days passes, wide range of security flaws have been increased and at the same time security concerns in user identification and authentication has also increased and grabbed a prominent roleExpand
Palm Vein Biometric Technology: An Approach to Upgrade Security in ATM Transactions
This paper proposes an enhanced ATM system which provides security using palm vein technology with a unique identification number of an individual unlike traditional passwords. Expand
An open architecture for digital evidence integration
This paper proposes a globally unique identification scheme for digital evidence and related metadata, and applies the representation al approach to the integration of metadata related to digital evidence, and proposes the sealed digital evidence bags architecture. Expand
Electronic noses: Forestalling fire disasters: A technique to prevent false fire alarms and fatal casualties
A brief modern fire detection model is given in order to avoid nuisance alarms, to detect smoke and also distinguished dissimilar fire and non-fire particles that emanate the smoke and various chemical gases using sensors. Expand
A Comparative Study based Digital Forensic Tool: Complete Automated Tool
  • The International Journal of Forensic Computer Science
  • 2014
Kalbande2,”A Comparative Study based Digital Forensic Tool: Complete Automated Tool
  • The International Journal of Forensic Computer Science,2014
  • 2014
Digital Forensic Trends & Future
  • International Journal of Cyber-Security and Digital Forensics (IJCSDF), vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 48–76, 2013.
  • 2013