Cyanogenic glycosides in Lotus corniculatus

  title={Cyanogenic glycosides in Lotus corniculatus},
  author={J. Mark Scriber},
SummaryTwo genotypes (one cyanogenic and the other acyanogenic) of birds-foot trefoil, Lotus corniculatus L., were used to study the effects of cyanogenic glycosides in leaf tissues upon a polyphagous herbivore, the southern armyworm, Spodoptera eridania Cram. (Lepidoptera). No differences were observed in consumption rate, assimilation efficiency, utilization of plant biomass, or metabolic costs in terms of expended calories between larvae fed acyanogenic or cyanogenic leaves. Similarly no… 

Role of cyanogenic glycosides in the seeds of wild lima bean, Phaseolus lunatus: defense, plant nutrition or both?

CNGs in lima bean seeds do not play a role in seed germination and seedling growth, but are associated with seedling defense, providing insight into the potential dual function of plant secondary metabolites as defense compounds and storage molecules for growth and development.