Cyanofuels: biofuels from cyanobacteria. Reality and perspectives

  title={Cyanofuels: biofuels from cyanobacteria. Reality and perspectives},
  author={Fariza K. Sarsekeyeva and Bolatkhan K. Zayadan and Aizhan A. Usserbaeva and Vladimir S. Bedbenov and Maria Sinetova and Dmitry A. Los},
  journal={Photosynthesis Research},
Cyanobacteria are represented by a diverse group of microorganisms that, by virtue of being a part of marine and freshwater phytoplankton, significantly contribute to the fixation of atmospheric carbon via photosynthesis. It is assumed that ancient cyanobacteria participated in the formation of earth’s oil deposits. Biomass of modern cyanobacteria may be… CONTINUE READING

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