Cyanobacterial biofertilizers in rice agriculture

  title={Cyanobacterial biofertilizers in rice agriculture},
  author={Aditi Vaishampayan and Rajeshwar Prasad Sinha and D. -P. Hader and Tuhina Dey and Anil K. Gupta and Urvashi Bhan and A. Lakshmana Rao},
  journal={The Botanical Review},
Floodwater and the surface of soil provide the sites for aerobic phototrophic nitrogen (N) fixation by free-living cyanobacteria and theAzolla-Anabaena symbiotic N2-fixing complex. Free-living cyanobacteria, the majority of which are heterocystous and nitrogen fixing, contribute an average of 20–30 kg N ha-1, whereas the value is up to 600 kg ha-1 for theAzollaAnabaena system (the most beneficial cyanobacterial symbiosis from an agronomic point of view). Synthesis and excretion of organic… CONTINUE READING