Cyanamide mediated synthesis under plausible primitive earth conditions

  title={Cyanamide mediated synthesis under plausible primitive earth conditions},
  author={Dennis E. Van Epps and D. W. Nooner and Joseph Eichberg and Edward Sherwood and John Or{\'o}},
  journal={Journal of Molecular Evolution},
The formation of glycerol occurs when a solution of DL-glyceraldehyde is heated in the presence of hydrogen sulfide at room temperature. DL-glyceraldehyde and dihydroxyacetone treated with hydrazine, as well as DL-glyceraldehyde incubated with formaldehyde are also partially converted to glycerol. The yields of the above reactions are from approximately 1% to about 3%. The formation of glycerophosphates occurs when glycerol is heated with ammonium dihydrogen phosphate and either urea or… CONTINUE READING


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