Cuttlefish camouflage: The effects of substrate contrast and size in evoking uniform, mottle or disruptive body patterns

  title={Cuttlefish camouflage: The effects of substrate contrast and size in evoking uniform, mottle or disruptive body patterns},
  author={A. Barbosa and L. M. M{\"a}thger and K. Buresch and J. Kelly and C. Chubb and C. Chiao and R. Hanlon},
  journal={Vision Research},
  • A. Barbosa, L. M. Mäthger, +4 authors R. Hanlon
  • Published 2008
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Vision Research
  • Cuttlefish are cephalopod molluscs that achieve dynamic camouflage by rapidly extracting visual information from the background and neurally implementing an appropriate skin (or body) pattern. We investigated how cuttlefish body patterning responses are influenced by contrast and spatial scale by varying the contrast and the size of checkerboard backgrounds. We found that: (1) at high contrast levels, cuttlefish body patterning depended on check size; (2) for low contrast levels, body… CONTINUE READING
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