Cutting characteristics of dental diamond burs made with CVD technology.

  title={Cutting characteristics of dental diamond burs made with CVD technology.},
  author={Luciana Monti Lima and Cristiane Motisuki and Lourdes Aparecida Martins dos Santos-Pinto and Ary dos Santos-Pinto and Evaldo Jos{\'e} Corat},
  journal={Brazilian oral research},
  volume={20 2},
The aim of this study was to determine the cutting ability of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond burs coupled to an ultrasonic dental unit handpiece for minimally invasive cavity preparation. One standard cavity was prepared on the mesial and distal surfaces of 40 extracted human third molars either with cylindrical or with spherical CVD burs. The cutting ability was compared regarding type of substrate (enamel and dentin) and direction of handpiece motion. The morphological… CONTINUE READING
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