Cutting History, Cutting Culture: Female Circumcision in the United States

  title={Cutting History, Cutting Culture: Female Circumcision in the United States},
  author={Sarah A Webber and Toby L. Schonfeld},
  journal={The American Journal of Bioethics},
  pages={65 - 66}
they come to the conclusion that such procedures are justiŽed as medical procedures and that the risks are proportionate to the beneŽt to the newborn child. Making the parents happy, cosmetic considerations, and any Žnancial beneŽts to the healthcare provider cannot ethically justify the procedure. Doctors who come to the opposite conclusion should conscientiously refuse to perform the procedure, even when it is requested by parents. n References Benatar, M., and D. Benatar. 2003. Between… Expand

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