Cutaneous reflexes evoked during human walking are reduced when self-induced.

  title={Cutaneous reflexes evoked during human walking are reduced when self-induced.},
  author={Bernke Christianne Maria Baken and P H J A Nieuwenhuijzen and Carla Bastiaanse and Volker H. Dietz and Jacques Duysens},
  journal={The Journal of physiology},
  volume={570 Pt 1},
Reflex responses are often less pronounced when they are self-induced, but this question has barely been investigated quantitatively. The issue is particularly relevant for locomotion since it has been shown that reflexes elicited during normal gait are important for the regulation of locomotion. The cortex is thought to be involved in the control of reflexes during gait, but it is unclear whether it plays a role in the modulation of these reflexes during the step cycle. During gait, weak… CONTINUE READING

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