Cutaneous reaction to pegfilgrastim presenting as severe generalized skin eruption

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Delayed hypersensitivity reaction related to the use of pegfilgrastim

Clinicians must be aware of the possibility of a delayed hypersensitivity reaction as the application of this drug is increasing and an adverse event can result in delay of chemotherapy treatment.

Hypersensitivity reactions to biological drugs.

This review discusses hypersensitivity reactions to biological drugs and the diagnostic tests used to assess these reactions, and some desensitization protocols have proven successful.

Cytokines Induced Skin Adverse Reactions

Though the exact mechanism is not clearly understood, the biological activities of cytokines in immunological reactions and impurities in biological products have been discussed.

Current awareness: Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety

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The bibliography contains newly published material in the field of pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety in order to keep subscribers up‐to‐date with the latest developments in their field.

1-Pamitoyl-2-Linoleoyl-3-Acetyl-rac-Glycerol May Reduce Incidence of Gemcitabine-Induced Neutropenia: A Pilot Case-Controlled Study

PLAG was shown to be clinically effective and safe in reducing the incidence of CIN in pancreatic cancer patients receiving gemcitabine-based chemotherapy.



Pyoderma gangrenosum complicating pegylated granulocyte colony‐stimulating factor in Hodgkin lymphoma

The occurrence of pyoderma gangrenosum following pegylated GCSF in a patient being treated for advanced Hodgkin lymphoma, who had previously received regular G CSF without incident is reported.

Papulonodular Lichenoid and Pseudolymphomatous Reaction at the Injection Site of Hepatitis B Virus Vaccination

The case of a 21-year-old female, in whom a persistent, papulonodular lesion developed at the site of the injection, 6 weeks after the second dose of the HBV, is reported, providing further documentation for a causal association linking the HBVs with LP.

Local blistering reaction complicating subcutaneous injection of pegylated interferon in a patient with hepatitis C.

The first case of a local blistering reaction developing in a patient receiving pegylated interferon-alpha-2b is reported, and the pathophysiological mechanisms are discussed.

Pegfilgrastim: a recent advance in the prophylaxis of chemotherapy-induced neutropenia.

The development of pegfilgrastim represents a significant advance in the management of chemotherapy-induced neutropenia as the longer serum half-life allows once-per-chemotherapy administration, and evidence supports increased prophylactic effectiveness in reducing the incidence of febrile neutropania.

Excess mortality related to alcohol and smoking among hospital-treated patients with psoriasis.

Patients with moderate to severe psoriasis are at increased risk for death because of alcohol intake and smoking, and alcohol is a major cause for this excess mortality.

Granulocyte colony-stimulating factors in the management of chemotherapy-induced neutropenia: evidence based review

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  • Medicine, Biology
    Current opinion in oncology
  • 2007
Pegfilgrastim is at least as effective as filgrastIM in the prophylaxis of chemotherapy-induced neutropenia and has improved pharmacokinetics requiring reduced administration.