Cutaneous phototoxic occurrences in patients receiving Photofrin.

  title={Cutaneous phototoxic occurrences in patients receiving Photofrin.},
  author={Thomas J. Dougherty and Minton T. Cooper and Thomas S. Mang},
  journal={Lasers in surgery and medicine},
  volume={10 5},
Incidence of cutaneous phototoxic reactions induced by intravenous injection of Photofrin polyporphyrin was assessed in a series of 180 patients (266 injections) undergoing photodynamic therapy (PDT) at Roswell Park Cancer Institute during the period 1986-1989. In addition to the usual verbal questions regarding phototoxic reactions solicited at follow-up, forty-two patients in this group also responded to a written questionnaire designed to solicit answers to specific questions. Photofrin… CONTINUE READING