Cutaneous microcystic/reticular schwannoma: a poorly recognized entity.


BACKGROUND Microcystic/ reticular schwannoma is exceptionally rare yet distinctive morphological variant of schwannoma with predilection for visceral sites lacking association with neurofibromatosis. AIMS To further delineate clinicopathological features of cutaneous microcystic/reticular schwannoma and to discuss its differential diagnosis. RESULTS We… (More)
DOI: 10.1111/cup.12624


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@article{Luzar2016CutaneousMS, title={Cutaneous microcystic/reticular schwannoma: a poorly recognized entity.}, author={Bo{\vs}tjan Luzar and Maiko Tanaka and Johann Schneider and Eduardo J Calonje}, journal={Journal of cutaneous pathology}, year={2016}, volume={43 2}, pages={93-100} }