Cutaneous lupus erythematosus in a dog


A 5-year-old mix breed domestic dog was referred to the University of Ankara, Veterinary Faculty Department of Internal Medicine, for evaluation of severe ulceration and destruction of the nasal planum. The dog had a, history of nasal planum lesions for 6 months duration. The referring veterinarian had treated the dog with various antibiotics and topical iodine solutions, with no apparent response and than due to the suspected diagnosis of fungal infection, had decided to change the initial therapy with ketoconazole (dose and duration were unknown) and topical clotrimazole solution 1 month prior to referral. The owner reported no apparent health problems other than the lesions on the nasal planum. The dog had been on several different commercially dog foods, and was currently eating a commercially adult dog food. According to the owner the dog had been vaccinated frequently and kept indoors. Due to lack of success with previous treatments, the dog was referred to our clinic.

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