Cutaneous aspergillosis and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

  title={Cutaneous aspergillosis and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.},
  author={George J Murakawa and Jeff D Harvell and Petra Lubitz and Sidney Schnoll and Seung-Han Lee and Timothy G. Berger},
  journal={Archives of dermatology},
  volume={136 3},
BACKGROUND Primary cutaneous aspergillosis is an uncommon finding in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS); only 13 cases have been reported in the literature. OBSERVATIONS We describe 11 patients with primary cutaneous aspergillosis and AIDS. There does not seem to be an age, sex, race, or human immunodeficiency virus risk factor predisposition. This is a late manifestation of AIDS; patients typically have low CD4 counts (<0.050 x 10(9)/L [<50/microL]) and other AIDS… CONTINUE READING

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