Cutaneous adult myofibroma: a vascular neoplasm.

  title={Cutaneous adult myofibroma: a vascular neoplasm.},
  author={Luis Requena and Heinz Kutzner and Heino H{\"u}gel and Arno Ruetten and Vicente Furi{\'o}},
  journal={Journal of cutaneous pathology},
  volume={23 5},
Infantile myofibromatosis is a distinctive type of fibromatosis that usually develops during the immediate perinatal period. There are variants with solitary and multiple tumors. Lesions confined to the skin, soft tissue, and bone carry a good prognosis, showing spontaneous regression. The prognosis, however, is much less favorable when visceral lesions are present and the outcome may be fatal. Only recently it became obvious that there is an adult counterpart of infantile myofibromatosis… CONTINUE READING


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