Cut-free Display Calculi for Relation Algebras

  title={Cut-free Display Calculi for Relation Algebras},
  author={Rajeev Gor{\'e}},
  • R. Goré
  • Published in CSL 21 September 1996
  • Mathematics
We extend Belnap's Display Logic to give a cut-free Gentzen-style calculus for relation algebras. The calculus gives many axiomatic extensions of relation algebras by the addition of further structural rules. It also appears to be the first purely prepositional Gentzen-style calculus for relation algebras. 

Display Calculi for Logics with Relative Accessibility Relations

This work translates the knowledgelogics into polymodal logics axiomatised by primitive axioms and uses Kracht's results on properly displayable logics to define cut-free display calculi for knowledge logics.

Formalised Cut Admissibility for Display Logic

This work uses a deep embedding of the display calculus for relation algebras δRA in the logical framework Isabelle/HOL to formalise a machine-checked proof of cut-admissibility for δ RA and believes this to be the first full formalisation of Cut-Admissibility in the presence of explicit structural rules.

Theoremhood Preserving Maps as a Characterisation of Cut Elimination for Provability Logics

We deene cut-free display calculi for provability (modal) logics that are not properly displayable according to Kracht's analysis. We also show that a weak form of the cut-elimination theorem (for

A New Machine-checked Proof of Strong Normalisation for Display Logic

Dual Intuitionistic Logic Revisited

It is shown that a previously reported generalised display framework does deliver the required cut-free display calculus and the structural rule necessary to turn this display calculus into one for classical logic is pinpointed.

TABLEAUX 2005 Position Papers and Tutorial Descriptions

We present tableaux calculi for some logics of default reasoning, as defined by Kraus, Lehmann and Magidor. We give a tableaux proof procedure for preferential logic P and for loop-cumulative logic

A Mechanised Proof System for Relation Algebra using Display Logic

This work describes an implementation of the Display Logic calculus for relation algebra as an Isabelle theory, and shows how some relation algebraic theorems proved using this system can be put in the form of structural rules of Display Logic, facilitating later re-use.

Two Proof Systems for Peirce Algebras

Two tableaux-style proof systems for Peirce algebras are developed and compared, one is a tableau refutation proof system, the other is a proof system in the style of Rasiowa-Sikorski.

Predicate Logics on Display

  • H. Wansing
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
    Stud Logica
  • 1999
The paper provides a uniform Gentzen-style proof-theoretic framework for various subsystems of classical predicate logic. In particular, predicate logics obtained by adopting van Behthem's modal

Algebraic Models and Complete Proof Calculi for Classical BI

A class of algebraic models for CBI is presented which permit the full range of classical multiplicative connectives to be modelled, and can be seen as generalisations of Abelian groups.



A Complete Natural Deduction System for the Relational Calculus

A relational calculus is a formal system in which relation is the fundamental concept. The simplest relational calcu1us, that of ordinary binary relations, was introduced by Tarski in [4]. Tarski's

A Proof System for the First-Order Relational Calculus

  • M. Hennessy
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    J. Comput. Syst. Sci.
  • 1980

A sequent calculus for relation algebras

  • R. Maddux
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Ann. Pure Appl. Log.
  • 1983

The origin of relation algebras in the development and axiomatization of the calculus of relations

The calculus of relations and the theory of relation algebras are introduced and shown to be incomplete by Roger Lyndon's discovery of nonrepresentable relation alagbras.

Dynamic algebras as a well-behaved fragment of relation algebras

  • V. Pratt
  • Mathematics
    Algebraic Logic and Universal Algebra in Computer Science
  • 1988
The RA definitions that are incomplete with respect to representable relation algebras, when expressed in their DA form are complete withrespect to representability of the free intensional dynamic algebraes.

Power and Weakness of the Modal Display Calculus

The present paper explores applications of Display Logic as defined in [1] to modal logic. Acquaintance with that paper is presupposed, although we will give all necessary definitions. Display Logic

Formalizing a Hierarchical Structure of Practical Mathematical Reasoning

A proof paradigm which formalises a hierarchical, problem-reduction style of reasoning which is widely useful in practical reasoning, and is a goal directed paradigm, which gives a central role to equivalence transformations.

Logics of Programs

  • D. KozenJ. Tiuryn
  • Philosophy
    Handbook of Theoretical Computer Science, Volume B: Formal Models and Sematics
  • 1990

Gupta's rule of revision theory of truth