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Customs duties in Graeco-Roman Egypt

  title={Customs duties in Graeco-Roman Egypt},
  author={Pieter Johannes Sijpesteijn},
Waterways, settlements and shifting power in the north-western Nile Delta
The reconstructed landscape of the north-west Nile Delta in Egypt suggests that in antiquity (c. 300 bc to the ninth century ad), the lagoons, marshes and river channels provided a watery environment
Tax Collection and Grain Measures in Roman Egpyt
Abstract The article presents the edition of two papyri previoulsly described as P.Fay. 300 (P.Cair. Cat. 10841) and 342 (P.Cair. Cat. 10861). The former is an account of tax (?) collections in kind
This thesis explores two key themes: (1) the social, cultural and economic changes in the Roman provinces of Spain during the last half of the first century BC and the early first century AD, and the
Travel and interaction in the Greek and Roman world. A review of some computational modelling approaches
This paper reviews the range of modelling options now available for understanding the movement and interaction behind the archaeological and historical record and suggests simple models of mobile decision-making and expected patterns against which the observed record can be compared.
‘Une laine bien plus douce que celle des moutons’ à El-Deir (oasis de Kharga): le coton au cœur de l’économie oasienne à l’époque romaine
Cette contribution ambitionne de demontrer l’existence d’une economie oasienne specifique au cœur du Sahara antique. Dans ce reseau d’echanges, nous postulons que la Grande oasis du desert Libyque,
The early Roman Empire: consumption
Roman society of the early empire presents a confusing and ambiguous image that we cannot easily situate in unidirectional accounts of European economic history. Clearly, public monuments in marble
Early Rome and Italy
This chapter deals with Italy in the period from the beginning of the Greek colonization through 133 BC. It focuses on the Italian peninsula, touching only briefly on northern Italy and the islands,